6 comments on “Television! Teacher. Mother. Secret lover.

  1. That Maz. What a post whore. 😉

    I recall an episode of Who’s the Boss where Tony was upset because his tom-boy daughter wanted a bra with a pink bow.

    And I do a pretty good Glomer impersonation. Or I used too. I don’t put that particular skill on my resume…

  2. I agree: The Refrigerator Punky Brewster Episode is the only one EVERYONE remembers. And if you’re feeling nostalgic for Who’s the Boss?, not only can you rewatch the episodes on DVD or Netflix (or I’m sure you can stream them somewhere), but you can catch Melissa and Joey on ABC Family BECAUSE ITS THE SAME SHOW REINCARNATED. The only difference is that in Melissa and Joey, there’s way more wine.

  3. Is there no Mona proxy on Melissa and Joey? That’s a deal breaker. And I guess the refrigerator episode worked, I don’t think I’ve read about a single refrigerator-related death since it originally aired.

  4. I guess the Mona substitute on M&J would have to be her midget assistant that harbors a huge obsessive crush on Joey. You can’t really replace/substitute for Mona though. After all, Mona was the answer to the title question: Who’s the Boss?

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