2 comments on “Movie Review: Chappie

  1. I was so excited to see Chappie but I was disappointed. I agree with you about Yo-Landi and Chappie’s relationship, it was very touching and the first half of the movie was great. I was almost in tears when Chappie came back after Ninja dropped him off. I was disappointed that they took something that was so heartfelt and sincere in the first half and turned it into a mindless action film in the second half. I don’t think there was enough character development from Jackman’s character to warrant killing so many innocent people. I was also so disappointed in the ending. For a movie that built it’s foundation on the premise that life is special, they completely eliminated the concept of cherishing life because they just transfer consciousness to another form. I feel like Blomkamp had a real opportunity to make something we could be totally emotionally invested in and he fell short. I agree that the visuals were outstanding and I loved the score! The movie did have some great moments, though 🙂

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