One comment on “TV Review: Supergirl

  1. I watched the pilot when it leaked back in May, but I was excited for the real premiere all the same! Overall, I thought the episode was pretty good. You’re right by saying nothing went horribly wrong, and I hope that keeps up.
    I liked most of the characters, though I agree that the relationship between Kara and her sister was the weakest. I think it’ll be interesting to see who’s on Team Supergirl, as both the Government/her sister and Winn know but they aren’t together, and Jimmy seems to perhaps be on his way to learning the truth as well, to compare the show to the likes of The Flash and Arrow where there is a solid team working with the person.
    The episode did move really fast, but I feel like the show thought that it needed to in order to get and keep viewers. Hopefully now it’ll slow down.
    I thought the CGI was a bit on the weaker side. Like you said, the flying was a bit messy, but I thought things like the lazer eyes weren’t the best either.
    I’m looking forward to episode two. I think Kara is great and having a female lead is amazing and there is certainly great potential here. The episode apparently got the highest rating for a new show this fall, so that’s promising!

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