The Nerds

A group of friends made up of machine-enhanced human beings possessing unique powers after being augmented with bionic technology. Each member is given specific bionic powers, and thus they form a superhero team. Together, they use their new gifts to defend the world from bad entertainment! They are… The Nerds Uncanny!


Laneit is a former award-winning professional Latin and ballroom dancer, choreographer, actor, singer, and songwriter. That all changed in the mid nineties when he was kidnapped by his evil bearded twin.

Since then he became darker, and brooding. Some people claim that Laneit is an alien, and works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter. But the truth is he just enjoys a little mindless violence and intoxication, and video games. Today, Laneit is a full-time Juggalo, an avid reader, and a movie buff.



A long time ago, Maz found a motorcycle bearing a mystical sigil. Upon touching the sigil, he was transformed into the Ghost Rider! No, that can’t be right…

Oh, yeah! Although Maz is not the spirit of vengeance, he is the 2011 Royal Rumble Match winner; and able to think in English and talk in Spanish at the same time. Maz is also the co-founder and point man for the TNU super team.

Maz is also the resident comic book and James Bond expert, just don’t ask him to watch “Diamonds are Forever” again.



Not much is known about PinTA’s early years, but it is believed she was born somewhere near the Canadian border. This may explain why she sometimes dresses as a Mountie to fight crime.

After a brief stint touring with Night Ranger in the late eighties, PinTA became a freelance agent trained as a spy, martial artist, and sniper, and outfitted with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry, including a talking dog. Now retired from espionage, NYPinTA enjoys walks on the beach, books, scifi tv shows, and getting mauled by her cats.



John hasn’t been seen in some time. We think he’s okay since he’s still active in our fantasy football league.

This past summer there were some unconfirmed sightings in Nepal, and many more in Washington D.C. However, the sightings in D.C. turned out to be flag poles. A further search of chicken restaurants has turned up nothing.

November 2015 Update:  We received a statement from the man himself, which reads: “Things will be different when I take over the world!”


6 comments on “The Nerds

  1. You guys really need to get the blog to auto update to twitter. There has got to be a way to do that. John can’t figure it out?

  2. Posted to twitter, but I’ll mention it here too. When composing a post there’s the side bar with the option to publicize by sending a link automatically to various sites, like facebook and twitter. I sent my last to my twitter account. I don’t know if that means anything posted will also go unless specifically changed, but you might want to do that so all go to the TNU twitter account so it can be retweeted and promoted. I copied the link to the Ender’s Game review and look, you got replies! Go me. 😉 (That makes up for my lack of content, right?)

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